Before Taking The Test – Q&A

Should I fast before having my blood sample taken?

No. No fasting is needed before the test.


Can children or babies take the test?

Children over 12 months can take the test with a doctor’s approval.


Can I take the test if I’m on a restricted diet?

Yes. However, you must be aware that your reactions to the foods you have been avoiding will be much lower than if you were on an unrestricted diet. If you have avoided certain foods for more than six months, expect the result to be negative, as the antibodies we’re testing disappear when food types are not consumed.


I’m on antibiotics. Will this affect my results?

Probably not. If you’re not taking immunosuppressant drugs as well, your results will not be affected by a short course of antibiotics. However, long periods of antibiotics can compromise your intestinal flora, and this may cause more reactions to be detected.


Which medication can affect my test results?

Certain medications such as prolonged courses of antibiotics or immunosuppressants could affect the results of your IgGAssay test. If in doubt, check with your doctor before taking the test.


I use steroid-based inhalers regularly. Can I still have an IgGAssay test?

Yes. The concentration of steroids in such inhalers is usually so low they don’t affect the results of the IgGAssay test.


Could a cortisone cream affect the results?

No. The cortisone cream should not interfere with the test if the concentrations are low, and the effect is local.


I’ve been taking a TNF Blocker (e.g., Infliximab, Humira). Can I still have an IgGAssay test?

Yes. TNF blockers have not been shown to have any adverse effect on the results of an IgGAssay test.


Will this test show celiac disease?

No. Celiac disease is diagnosed using a combination of blood tests, genetic tests, or biopsies. The IgGAssay test cannot be used to determine celiac disease or gluten allergy. It will only let you know if you react to gluten.


Will this test show lactose intolerance?

No. The IgGAssay test only tests for proteins. Lactose is a carbohydrate, so the test can’t be used to check for lactose intolerance.